Biz And Tech  Building 
Irvine, CA   
30,000 sq. ft. professional office building. 

Zip Fusion Japanese Restaurant I
Mira Loma,CA
4,000 sq. ft. Japanese restaurant with tappan, sushi bar and full cocktail bar.

Zip Fusion Japanese Restaurant II
Corona, CA
5,000 sq. ft. restaurant

Haus -- Gourmet Coffee Shop
2,500 sq. ft gourmet coffee and dessert shop.

Moodaepo I Korean BBQ Restaurant 
Los Angeles, CA
3,000 sq. ft.  Korean restaurant with grill.

Moodaepo II Korean BBQ Restaurant
Los Angeles, CA
8,000 sq. ft. Korean restaurant with grill.

​Moodaepo III Korean BBQ Restaurant
Fullerton, CA
13,000 sq. ft. Korean Restaurant with first UL Houdini BBQ System in the country

IOTA Coffee, Bakery and Restaurant
Los Angeles, CA
10,000 sq.ft. gourmet coffee, Asian bakery and restaurant